Friday, June 30, 2017


Joseph:  Feb 20th

BTW at Zone conference a couple weeks ago Elder Brown and I were privileged to have a special dinner with President and Sister Msane. Basically if we Memorize a poem called "the Race" we get to have dinner (along with our companions) with President, and i was able to memorize it and recited it at zone conference.

We went to a place called Crown Plaza which has a buffet and is VERY nice, it was a nice break from being out in the bush all the time. I loved it Especially my smoothie which was called "Rocket Fuel" and was a mix of pineapple and lime and something eles i think. I also had a Raspberry for the first time in Kenya, i forgot how good those taste.

from left to right: Elder Noel (from western washington), Elder Ellis (from utah i think), Elder Odhiambo (kenya), Sister Msane, President Msane, Elder Pavik (california) Elder Brown (Arizona) Elder M-somthing (oops i forgot, but hes from kenya) and last is me!