Tuesday, June 27, 2017



Because of the cancer treatments and horrific side effects of the medicines I am now just getting caught up with this blog for Joseph's mission.  My sincere apologies if you have missed it or were trying to keep up with his adventures in Kenya.  
 I have decided to start with this week, being "50" and working both forward and back as I can accomplish this.  Wish me luck

*My email first..

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We didn't have a teacher for Sunday school today.  Everyone kept waiting hoping that Pres. Lee would come in.  When he finally did he suggested that I tech the class.  So I did.  I only had the lesson title and did my own interpretation but I got a lot of comments so I guess it went okay   I'm old enough with enough experience that I guess I can talk about just anything.

We flew over to Seattle and bought a car the other day.  Its suppose to save us a lot of gas so here's hoping it has.

Dustin, Kayleigh and the girls are living in Everett this summer.  They're coming back in the fall and will be living in an RV until they find a house. This means that we have their chickens and our chickens.  6 big laying ones and 9 mid size chickens.  All shapes and sizes.  Its pretty fun watching the pecking orders and different personalities.  We have spent all week helping them box up and move. I've  been busy and your dad gone so I haven't even driving the car yet.  Guess I better do that this afternoon

Our strawberries are on and raspberries are coming on. 

Its hot, hot and Lees have their pool out and so I might find myself just hanging out over there in the afternoons when I'm not helping your dad with our many unfinished projects.  They are never ending it seems. 

I'm still waiting to get pictures from you and hear how the work is going.
Did you ever try the Lasagna. ** Joseph has been craving Lasagna, cheese is hard to come by and so is an oven.

Hope the work is going great.  Hope you love and serve your companion and mission president.

Our prayers are still with you every day.

WEEKLY QUOTE:  "You have enlisted in a cause that requires your hole attention...become a polished shaft ...You must endure much toil, much labor, and many privations to become perfectly polished...Your Heavenly father requires it, the field is His , the work is His, and He will...cheer you...and buoy you up"' by first pres. to Parley P. Pratt 1807-57)
as a new apostle.

Love you exceeding abundantly,

Joseph's remarks:
 Dustin moved out of that house? That surprises me. 

"I'm still waiting to get pictures from you and hear how the work is going" 
-Sorry, i havent been able to retrieve my cable yet, so no pictures (our zoneleader ended up with it, he should be bringing to me today though) otherwise the work is going great, we had to more baptisms and are working with several more poeple who should be ready soon (although transfers are next week so we will see what happens)

"Did you ever try the Lasagna." Im going to the store right after this to gather the remaining ingredients and then we will make it tonight. Cross our fingers and hope its good

"Hope the work is going great.  Hope you love and serve your companion and mission president." I am certainly trying hard to do that, I love Elder Kyomya, although i would be lying if i didn't say he tries my patience at time. President Msane Is AWESOME, I have only the best things to say about the msanes and will love them for the rest of my life.

anyway thank you i love you!