Friday, June 30, 2017



Joseph: random request, Can you send me some recipes? 

In particular i want to try and make some Noodles by hand (perhaps udon noodles, i think i may be able to find all the necessary ingredients for some nice udon, yes please send me something about Udon) anyway I would really appreciate anything you send, I am growing found of cooking new and interesting things

On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 9:46 AM, Joseph Russell Butters <> wrote:
Well i hope the blessings of heaven come down on you and thanks for the quote.

Btw sorry for no email last week, we were having power issues haha, anyway we had zone conference which was very cool, the Missionary executive committee (Elders Oaks, Bednar and Anderson as well as Bonnie l Oscarson and a couple of Seventy) made some changes to how we report and to our Schedule that should help us move  the work along even better which is really exciting.

Elder Brown and I have continued working with all of those kids I told you about (well i hope i did) although we havnt been able to contact 3 of them. The other 3 are progressing well towards baptism and should be ready in 2 weeks though.

Also im suppose to tell you this "Hello Elders and Sisters,
I have been informed that because of the upcoming Kenya election in August, the Post Office is going to be even more stringent about packages and letters.  They will be looking for money that might be coming into the country to support different political parties.  Please tell your families not to send any cash in the mail, even small amounts.  Even companies such as DHL and FedEx may be affected.  Please let your families know when you contact them on Monday."

anyway I love you!