Friday, June 30, 2017



We have included the Kenya Drought victims in our prayers and Grandma Butters is also and wants reports back to see if our prayers in there behalf is working..

Have you tried any noodles?
Are your primary kids getting baptized.  How are things going with your companion.  Did your other investigators make it to church yet?  Questions, questions.

Story of the week....I was at Winco and the lady in front of me had this HUGE bag of dates.  She was black and dresssed in bright clothes.  I was curious and asked her if she was making something with them or just eats them.  She had a hard time understanding me so I spoke slowly gestering with my hands.  She said, "just eat".  I asked where she was from and she said , "East Africa".  I got excited and said I have a son on a mission in Kenya.  She said, "me Kenya."  I said you were in Kyambeke and she couldn't understand so I tried Kalunga Hills.  That she recognized but pronounced it way different.  Then when I said Kyambeke again she repeated it correctly.  then asked "Vacation".  So I said no Church missionary, again.  She tried to tell me where she was from but had to pay and then I had to get  my food.  She did turn before leaving with the biggest smile.  It made you not seem so very far away at all.  

Weekly Quote: ( It comes an assignment to read all of section D & C 76. )
 76:22-24 Was printed up and spread separately  in tracts as a missionary tool.  Wilford Woodruff upon reading it stated that it was "the greatest revelation ever recorded by man on earth. " 
And although he had not yet met Joseph Smith it mattered not to him whether he was tall or short, young or old, long haired or clean shaven, he knew that the man who bore testimony in this revelation  was a prophet of God.

Have a great week.
Love you exceeding abundantly!

Have you tried any noodles? 
Yes,I successfully made a couple batches of Egg noodles. We mixed it with this Beef stew that we normally made, it tasted fantastic!  I am going to try and make the Udon todaysince it is more time consuming so i will let you know how that goes

Are your primary kids getting baptized?
We just had one get baptised yesterday! I will send you pics :) we should have 2 more next week

 How are things going with your companion?
Fantastic, Elder brown is a great guy and we are able to work very hard together
  Did your other investigators make it to church yet?
Nope, ahhgg they are driving me crazy, COME TO CHURCH!!

regarding the Drought the Rains have started in Kalungu Hills so it looks good here, although it was never BAD here it was more of an inconveince. I not sure about the other areas where the drought was really bad, I will let you know though. The poeple of Kenya appreciate your prayers :)

otherwise nothing to new, we have transfers this week so we will see if I get shiped Away or not.

Say hi to everyone for me!

Love Elder Butters

Mathau and his mom at his Baptism

Mathau , mom and Primary President

Random kids join us....