Sunday, October 30, 2016

WEEK 13 & 14

Mom's Commentary: 

 There is not much exciting work  going on and so Joseph's emails are short.  
There are some pictures though.  Notice that the picture of the elders in his district is in black and white but their water bottles are green.  I wonder how they did that. I bet it was Joseph.

Joseph says:

Another short email week! (I'm sorry, I'm sure you're very curious to know about what's happening here.)

Honestly its been a little uneventful  the last couple weeks, But next week is the end of my Training Period (the first 12 weeks) and I should be getting a new Companion (I hope I get be trainer).
Btw the Mission Office just sent me a message that they received a package for me, I probably won't be able to get it for a couple weeks but thought I should let you know its here.
 Regarding Christmas, don't worry about a package, Maybe just send me some music or something via Email (I'm still waiting for some John Williams music...) 

They said that the Package would cost about 1800 kish which is about $18. (and don't worry, I usually carry that much money on me so its not likely I will forget)

It will still probably be a couple weeks before I actually get the package though, I will keep you informed.

Mom's commentary:

I'm directing a choir for stake conference and told him that everything else in my life is boring which is great for me.  I'll take boring.

Joseph Says:

I hope your Choir does well!

Well its pretty boring here as well, No one in our Entire zone was Transferred so same old, same old. haha! I'm kinda disappointed. I was looking forward to meeting someone new. (I do like the zone though so that's good) 

Black and white with green bottles (Pop or water?)

 Companion at sunset

New flowers
not sure what they are

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Mom's commentary: 

I sent Joseph part of Pres. Nelson's most powerful article in our Ensign entitled "Stand True Millennials". Joseph has always watched general conference and we have read the Book of Mormon as a family for his whole life.  Its amazing what a difference is makes for him as a set apart missionary.

Joseph's letter:

I actually read that article the Other day, it was in one of the Leiahona's that I was reading haha! must be important if I'm getting a 2nd witness.
Anyway we have a very limited time but I wanted to share some stuff that stood out to me during Conference:

1) The Book of Mormon was mentioned dozens of times by nearly every speaker (or at least that's how it seemed to me). The quote I liked about it the best "there is power in the book of Mormon that will flow into your life as soon as you open it"  (I forgot his name, I wrote this down after he was done speaking) anyway I have decided to more vigorously read and study the Book of Mormon.

2) They talked about the Atonement and Repentance ALOT, Saying things like, the Atonement WILL heal you, it just Fixes. It doesn't leave scars etc.

I thought that was cool

3) Service with love is the best way to help others.

Btw the Mission Office just sent me a message that they received a Package for me, I probably wont be able to get it for a couple weeks but thought I should let you know its here. Regarding Christmas, don't worry about a package, Maybe just send me some music or something via Email (I'm still waiting for some John Williams music...) 
Anyway that's all, we are going to try to come and email later so I might send more.

Mom's note:  later never happened!

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Here are some pics before Danielle's baptism.

On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 4:54 PM, Joseph Russell Butters <> wrote:
hello! Thank you for the great message. Another great week in the work! Danielle was confirmed, and we have started to teach a Part-member family (well more like a Part- Less Active family). Unfortunately we have been struggling to find them home, but I have hope that we will be able to help them. 

President Msane stopped  by our flat unexpectedly which was a nice surprise! I love that Man and was pleased to be able to speak with him again.

Next week we have Exchanges so I get to spend a day with another Elder. His name is Elder Muthiani (or something, these African names are really difficult to spell)  that should be fun.

On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 8:16 AM, LAURA BUTTERS <> wrote:
Well Grandma Butters' party was great.  I managed to get her all the way to HER kitchen   and she was confused at where she was at in our house.  When everyone yelled surprised she jumped and I thought she was going down.  She said her heart hurt for a long time. She was so scared but it was a great surprise for her.

By the way, I love your Kenyan tie.  

Weekly Quote:  "Learn who you really are. 
Take time to think prayerfully about these facts: 
You are an elect son or daughter of God.
You are created in His image.
You were taught in the spirit world to prepare you for anything and 
everything you would encounter during this latter part of these latter days (see D&C 138:56).
That teaching endures within you!"  Pres. Russell M. Nelson

I thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity he has given you to serve him in this great land of Kenya.  I know that it will bless your life "exceeding abundantly". See Ephesians 3:20. I love that.  I know it can't be proper English but what a term. It has become a favorite for me. I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much and if we are full of faith and obedient that He has the power to bless us above all that we ask or can even think.  We are so blessed and can't imagine  all the things that He has in store for us because of his great love.  Remember that when you have rough days.  I know this is true.  Every price we pay will be worth it for us.  

Love you exceeding abundantly,

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 11

Commentary from Mom: 

 So we told Joseph to focus on his grandma's 77th birthday instead of a letter for us.  He sent a poem in video and written form that is explained by the scripture texts with it.

From Joseph:
So this is the same poem that I read in the video, I have added scripture references for some additional study and explanation. I  love you Grandma, Have a good time at your new home and Don't let Dad beat you at cards too much!
Happy(too many to count) Birthday!

For Grandma:

You are near the end of your Endurance  (2 Ne 31:20)
Soon you will rest with the Righteous in peace (Alma 40:12)
I will never forget about your Repentance (3 Ne 9:22)
As it lead in no small part to my Release. (Alma 36:24)

I was raised and loved by goodly parents (1 Ne 1:1)
Who followed the example set by you (1 Thes 1:5-7)
And though my father never dwelt in tents (1 Ne 2:15)
He had the Covenant, everlasting and New. (D&C 22:1)

Although my sister has passed away
And your beloved husband has joined her
I know I can see them again someday (D&C 130:2)
Because of your gift more precious then myrrh. (Ps 45:8)

You brought to our family the gospel
Precious words that will help save my soul.  (James 1:21)
Satan have you always sought to Dispel (Moses 1:16)
Jesus is the one with which you will bowl. (as in Bowling)

I will always love the Butters name.
Grandma, I have but one more request.
Remember where you showed us Kids to aim
and know that I think you are the best.

      -Elder Joseph Butters

Grandma Butters Birthday Video

Notice the tie in the video.  Its the colors of their flag and the shield of the flag.