Wednesday, June 28, 2017



So did you get transferred.  I'm excited to look up and see where you are at.  The interenet is not often my friend but it sure makes it great to keep track of my missionary son that I miss pathetically.  I wanted to know all about your new companion and area.

Were you ever able to hear Pres. Monson pronounce the temple in Nairobi?

Were you able to hear any of the others.  There were some great missionary talks by some of the Seventies.  If you listened real close you could hear me saying, "Joseph, listen to this one.  It is a great missionary talk."  One of them was from Elder Palmer who was a Mission President from Spokane a few years back.  They were really good friends of the Lees.  Another one was a mission president in Seattle.  Another talk was on Service and he mentioned that his parents had served 5 missions.  One of them was in Nairobi.  It was so humbling as our Church around the world is getting so very small.  It truly is an exciting day for us to live.

So I set a goal at Thanksgiving time to read and study all of the standard works.  The Book of Mormon was easy.  Next came the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.  I'm doing with the old guys from BYU.  I didn't have all of the New Testament so I moved to the Old Testament.  It is so hard to even keep track of where they are because they move so fast and things are so strange.  I am determined to stick with it.  I'm learning a lot but it often is very hard to relate it to me and my life.  I was feeling proud of my diligence until I listened again to Pres. Monson's talk.  Although I am doing great at scripture study, I am falling short on Book of Mormon according to Pres. Monson.  I know it to be true and love it.  I realized that it is easy for me to relate to the Book of Mormon and I missed the strength that I often have gotten from it.  I decided today that I would follow the council of our living prophet and make the Book of Mormon a part of my every day.  It doesn't need to be my scripture study but it needs to be my protection against sin and evil that is in our world.

I have gone back to listen to all the talks including the women's conference.  It has helped so much.  Sometimes having cancer is really the pits.  Yet I look around and I just wouldn't trade my life for those around me and I have to count my blessings.  One of my greatest blessings according to my Patriarchal blessing is "to be a mother in Zion and to be able to bring into this world choice spirits."  I count that (you) as one of my greatest blessings ever and I cannot express enough the peace that I continually feel as you serve in Kenya.  I am so proud of you and so thankful to our Heavenly Father for giving you this opportunity. So I am wiping away tears right now....its a good thing that I'm not writing a hard copy for it would be water stained...anyway I have a weekly quote with an earnest  challenge from our prophet and from your mother no matter what your scripture study entails.


"We live in a time of great trouble and wickedness.  What will protect us from the sin and evil so prevalent in the world today?  I maintain that a strong testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and of His gospel will help see us through to safety.  If you are not reading the Book Of Mormon each day, PLEASE do so. ..
My dear associates in the work of the Lord, I implore each of us to prayerfully study and ponder the Book of Mormon each day.  As we do so, we will be in a position to hear the voice of the Spirit, to resist temptation, to overcome doubt and fear, and to receive heaven's help in our lives."  Pres. Thomas S. Monson

 Love you exceeding abundantly,