Sunday, December 11, 2016


Mom's Commentary:

I tried to email music to Joseph and wanted to know if he got it.  It was "Voice Male" and I am going to send him some more for his birthday.  Packages are too tricky to get to him.  Joseph  really likes  John Williams which does all the movie theme music.  It is usually classified modern classical but I don't think the "Throne Room" from Star Wars is really inspirational.  Anyway I love the hymns so I will send him my favorites...
Also, it was my birthday on Dec. 4th. No emails came on Dec. 5th am when we usually get them... For a mom it is torture waiting, forever waiting for those emails.

Joseph's email:

 I didn't get Vocal Point music, if you sent some from Vocal point, but I did get the "Hims" Voice Male A Capella music.

Btw, Pres. Msane just changed the Music Rules from "Hymns or Classical". Other music has to be spiritually uplifting and turn your thoughts to the Savior"  to "Hymns" Other music has to be approved by  him so John Williams is no longer within the rules. (Although I did ask him just in case. So we will see what he says.)

Happy Birthday Mom!

Your turning what now, "Super Duper old"? or is it just "Kinda Super Old" haha 

I am sooo sorry I wasn't able to email you yesterday, but I am writing this first today! (I haven't read any of your emails yet) 

So I didn't get you anything for your birthday, although I did baptize that Kid we were working with on your birthday, so consider that your Present. I miss you alot but I'm excited to be out here serving the Lord in Africa!

We had Transfers this week! Guess What! 

I'm still with Elder Otika in Kyambeke, but our District and Zone leader changed. This transfer we are either going to Explode and do Amazing work for the Lord...or we may kill each other, Either way I will be happy in the Spirit world right? haha

Anyway, I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas Time, and remember "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Just like the One's I use to Know"

I love you Mother!!!
p.s. Listen to "Christmas Down in Africa" for me a couple times, ok?
p.p.s. Don't forget to go watch  the new Star Wars when it comes Out!

Another email from Joseph:

Ok I read your email so this is my response to that.

Its good to hear that you had a fun early Birthday!

Btw, I miss snow. All i do here is Sweet... its getting old haha

Can you tell the Bickley's I"m thinking and praying for them. I Wish I could spend more time learning from such wise people. Also, tell them I Love them.

I will certainly do my best to appreciate the many people that pray for me, Although it sounds like quite a challenge to fully comprehend and appreciate, Thank you so much for the inspiring words!

These were my inspiring words:

We pray for you all the time.  We pray for your mission president also.  When we go to the temple they always pray for the missionaries around the world.  At the first presidencies' Christmas devotional prayer they prayed for the "angels" that are our missionaries all over the world.  I'm often humbled to know that there are people all over the world who are praying for my son in Kenya.  I trust in those prayers.  May you not take them for granted.  May you thank Heavenly Father for the many, many people who love you, Joseph, and prayer for you Elder Butters.  Remember to always pray for the people you teach.  Call them by name and petition our Father in Heaven in the name of his son with faith in their behalf. Your prayers will be heard. 


Mom's Commentary:

When I wrote Joseph I mentioned that his Dad literally spends ours researching and writing this scriptual based commentaries and I hoped that Joseph appreciated it. after Joseph's opening comment there will be no stopping Russ now.  I'll be lucky if Joseph has any time to reply to me.  His dad also told him about our crazy election and the bazar attitudes of people when Trump won.

Joseph wrote:

Yes I LOVE! Dad's Emails, (although it is a leading cause for my short replys since I spend so much time reading them haha). Please encourage him to continue working hard on them. (after my mission I would kinda like to make a book out of them)

District conference was great.  They really emphasized the Temple and Home teaching. Unfortunately President Msane was too busy to go proselyting with any one. One day though I'm sure I will be able to. He is an Amazing Man though. He works endlessly and is an excellent example of Christlike Love to everyone he meets. Its rare for him to get home before midnight and he wakes up between 4-6 in the morning every day. He is really going to make the KNM grow and become powerful (as long as we missionaries listen to his counsel. Which I try hard to do.)

I hope I don't become a Canadian while I'm here haha!

Love you guys!

-Elder Butters

Saturday, November 26, 2016

WEEK 19 (cont.)

Mom's commentary:

This was a video that Joseph sent in August about a common food called Chapati.  I had the link posted but then messed up something so you couldn't view it.   I have struggled with getting it posted.  We'll see if this works.   


Mom's Comment:

Crocks were on Joseph's Missionary List.  We had a hard time finding some that fit him and then convincing him that he indeed wanted them. We were told during the raining season they carry them and switch out with their shoes because the mud is so deep it wrecks leather shoes and then they can just hose off the crocks.  It sounds like its a good thing he has them.
It was Thanksgiving here and they obviously don't celebrate that in Kenya.

Joseph's letter:

Thanks mom!

I will remember hymn 94 this week for sure.

Weekly Quote from MOM
  Come, ye thankful people come. Raise the song of harvest home.
  All is safely gathered in ere the winter storms begin.
  God, our Maker doth provide for our wants to be supplied.
  Come to God's own temple come; raise the song of harvest home.

  All the world is God's own field.  Fruit unto his praise to yield,
  Wheat and tares together sown, unto joy or sorrow grown.
  First the blade, and then the ear, then the full corn shall appear.
  Lord of harvest grant that we whole-some grain and pure may be.
Hymn #94

This week has been interesting because of the severe rains. It has been raining during the day a lot now which makes the Hills extremely muddy.  I can tell you Hiking in 3 inches of mud... Is not fun! I have come to appreciate my Crocks though.

This Sunday is the District Conference (the equivalent of Stake Conference) which should be good. We have 6 other Elders that are going to be sleeping at our flat to attend. That will be interesting having 8 people in that tiny house haha. The Mission President will be there and it sounds like he intends on coming proselyting with some of us which will be an Awesome Experience. I hope I can have that privilege.

Here are pics from the baptism. Denis Matunga is on the left and Fredrick is on the Right.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Mom's commentary:

These  short notes are priceless for me.  They speak alot that I can read between the lines. Joseph is doing well.  Before he left he cleaned his room but left everything in it.  He wouldn't give anything away or box anything up.  His niece, Kenzie asked if she could borrow some of his book.  Their interests and personalities are  alot the same.  It makes me laugh. Joseph has changed so much since he left in July.

We had 2 more Baptisms yesterday! It was awesome. I don't think I mentioned them much in my letters because they are 9 and 11 year old kids and I wasn't sure we would be able to baptize them, But we taught them a lot this last week and they made it! They have another brother that wasn't ready for baptism yet but should be in the next week or two.

Also, you can just let Kenzie keep my Percy Jackson books. I probably am never going to read them again. Haha!

Sorry for another short note but I have to Go. I will try and send the Baptism Pictures next week. Let dad know I'm printing off his email so I can read it later. Thanks!

WEEK 16 1/2

Mom's commentary:

We got an email from Bonnie Lyman, a member of the Manito Ward on the south hill, who is serving in Joseph's Mission.  She ran into him at the last zone conference and also sent some pics.

From: Bonnie Lyman [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2016 10:24 AM
Subject: Together in Kenya

Hello Butters,

We met up with your son at zone conference today.  He is doing great and we can tell by his comments in conference that he is a great missionary.  We have been here 17 months and go home 8 December.  We have always felt safe here.  It's sounds more threatening in the US these days.  Most missionaries are from Utah so it was so exciting for us to meet your son today.  He is serving in one of the most rural parts of Kenya but one of our favorites, Kyembeke (pronounced chembekay) Branch,  in the Kilungu Hills District, referred to as the Hills.  It's beautiful here but the work is very hard because of them speaking their tribal language, kikamba., plus various other challenges.  Not a grocery store for miles....just little roadside stands selling produce and eggs and maize.  Ask him how he likes ugali...the main stay of these Africans.

We share some Homecoming remarks 18 December, Manito Ward, 11:00 am if you would like to come.

 Nov 3rd Zone Conference

Joseph with Bro & Sis Lyman of Spokane

Elder Butters at Zone Conference

Kembeke Baptismal font

Kembeke Chapel


Comments from a mom: 
 Halloween through New years have always been full of traditions for the Holidays.  Some were started when we first got married and then with Rachel and carried over to Joseph.  When you don't have kids at home anymore focus becomes different and traditions need to change.  We are in the process of finding new traditions.  We also sent a package to him for his birthday to see if it would make it to him and what we were actually dealing we got our answer kind of..

Letter from Joseph:

Well you sound like you guys are having an Interesting time Ignoring all of our Traditions (Shame on you :P)

By the Way we were unable to find my package when we were in Nairobi, Hopefully the Assistants to the President can find it and bring it to me in a couple weeks when they come. Otherwise Zone conference was Awesome, I really Like President Masane and Loved his training that he did. He really emphasized Obedience, which is good because the older missionaries have, frankly, been terrible Examples to me and my MTC group. Its been a real challenge. Anyway it should be getting better now after that Zone Conference.

I  forgot to answer a couple of your Questions last week, The green bottles were Novida, from Schweppers, Its a Pineapple malt soda that Tastes Fantastic. Not sure if you can find it back home, but it is an American company so maybe. I was able to make that picture because my camera has a "selective Color" feature built in.

Raining season started! it has been Raining every night and there are now Millions of Bugs EVERYWHERE, it kinda Sucks actually. Fortunately it stays pretty sunny during the day so it hasn't hindered our work yet.

ITs Election week isn't it? let me know how that goes...

I love you guys! Tell Tony Congrats for me. I will make sure to learn about African Christmas traditions (last time I asked, everyone insisted they were the same as American traditions, anyway one of these days I  will pry something out of them)

Sincerely-Elder Butters

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Commentary from Mom:  

In my last letter to Joseph I was complaining that his "letters" were short and more like "notes" and this is his defense,  I  also sent him a quote that I copied...only instead of just the one quote I thought i had copied it sent him pages of quotes.  Hopefully there was another good one in there that I missed that he just needed. LOL

From Joseph:

You know I could also send longer replies if you sent a single weekly quote instead of 50! lol

Thank you for the inspiring words they are very Powerful!

I'm sorry my letters, Excuss me my "notes" are short, The internet started having issues a few weeks ago and now we can only use 1 computer to email (instead of 2) so our time got cut in half.

I don't remember if I mentioned this specifically to you but at the start of the month I made a goal to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days (this was before conference, which then encouraged me to finish) I completed that goal last week ahead of schedule. I finished on the 24th I think. I started another read through of it, this time I'm using a Seminary Student Manual on the Book of Mormon along side it.

I will try and Write Longer "notes" from now on

Love you Guys!

Mom's Commentary:

The Batt Family sent him snail mail and this is his reply to them that I I thought was good to share.

Btw Let the Batts know I finally got their letter!

Here's a short reply to them:

Dear Batts,

Africa is very different! and hot. I love it though. And no I haven't had to eat any bugs. Most of the food here is rice and beans and whats called Ugali which is basically a porridge made of Maize (corn) flour.

Fortunately, in Africa most people are willing to listen to us and generally the families don't care if someone gets baptized. Unfortunately, the people are very "wishy washy" so they will "listen" but they don't bother actually learning anything. haha

Tell the kids Thank you for the beautiful pictures and thanks for sending the great letter. Oh and thank Maddax for the good wishes and let him know I love the Food.

Sincerely, Elder Butters

P.s. Chastise Brother Batt (who was my young men's President!) for not sending a letter :P

Sunday, October 30, 2016

WEEK 13 & 14

Mom's Commentary: 

 There is not much exciting work  going on and so Joseph's emails are short.  
There are some pictures though.  Notice that the picture of the elders in his district is in black and white but their water bottles are green.  I wonder how they did that. I bet it was Joseph.

Joseph says:

Another short email week! (I'm sorry, I'm sure you're very curious to know about what's happening here.)

Honestly its been a little uneventful  the last couple weeks, But next week is the end of my Training Period (the first 12 weeks) and I should be getting a new Companion (I hope I get be trainer).
Btw the Mission Office just sent me a message that they received a package for me, I probably won't be able to get it for a couple weeks but thought I should let you know its here.
 Regarding Christmas, don't worry about a package, Maybe just send me some music or something via Email (I'm still waiting for some John Williams music...) 

They said that the Package would cost about 1800 kish which is about $18. (and don't worry, I usually carry that much money on me so its not likely I will forget)

It will still probably be a couple weeks before I actually get the package though, I will keep you informed.

Mom's commentary:

I'm directing a choir for stake conference and told him that everything else in my life is boring which is great for me.  I'll take boring.

Joseph Says:

I hope your Choir does well!

Well its pretty boring here as well, No one in our Entire zone was Transferred so same old, same old. haha! I'm kinda disappointed. I was looking forward to meeting someone new. (I do like the zone though so that's good) 

Black and white with green bottles (Pop or water?)

 Companion at sunset

New flowers
not sure what they are

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Mom's commentary: 

I sent Joseph part of Pres. Nelson's most powerful article in our Ensign entitled "Stand True Millennials". Joseph has always watched general conference and we have read the Book of Mormon as a family for his whole life.  Its amazing what a difference is makes for him as a set apart missionary.

Joseph's letter:

I actually read that article the Other day, it was in one of the Leiahona's that I was reading haha! must be important if I'm getting a 2nd witness.
Anyway we have a very limited time but I wanted to share some stuff that stood out to me during Conference:

1) The Book of Mormon was mentioned dozens of times by nearly every speaker (or at least that's how it seemed to me). The quote I liked about it the best "there is power in the book of Mormon that will flow into your life as soon as you open it"  (I forgot his name, I wrote this down after he was done speaking) anyway I have decided to more vigorously read and study the Book of Mormon.

2) They talked about the Atonement and Repentance ALOT, Saying things like, the Atonement WILL heal you, it just Fixes. It doesn't leave scars etc.

I thought that was cool

3) Service with love is the best way to help others.

Btw the Mission Office just sent me a message that they received a Package for me, I probably wont be able to get it for a couple weeks but thought I should let you know its here. Regarding Christmas, don't worry about a package, Maybe just send me some music or something via Email (I'm still waiting for some John Williams music...) 
Anyway that's all, we are going to try to come and email later so I might send more.

Mom's note:  later never happened!

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Here are some pics before Danielle's baptism.

On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 4:54 PM, Joseph Russell Butters <> wrote:
hello! Thank you for the great message. Another great week in the work! Danielle was confirmed, and we have started to teach a Part-member family (well more like a Part- Less Active family). Unfortunately we have been struggling to find them home, but I have hope that we will be able to help them. 

President Msane stopped  by our flat unexpectedly which was a nice surprise! I love that Man and was pleased to be able to speak with him again.

Next week we have Exchanges so I get to spend a day with another Elder. His name is Elder Muthiani (or something, these African names are really difficult to spell)  that should be fun.

On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 8:16 AM, LAURA BUTTERS <> wrote:
Well Grandma Butters' party was great.  I managed to get her all the way to HER kitchen   and she was confused at where she was at in our house.  When everyone yelled surprised she jumped and I thought she was going down.  She said her heart hurt for a long time. She was so scared but it was a great surprise for her.

By the way, I love your Kenyan tie.  

Weekly Quote:  "Learn who you really are. 
Take time to think prayerfully about these facts: 
You are an elect son or daughter of God.
You are created in His image.
You were taught in the spirit world to prepare you for anything and 
everything you would encounter during this latter part of these latter days (see D&C 138:56).
That teaching endures within you!"  Pres. Russell M. Nelson

I thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity he has given you to serve him in this great land of Kenya.  I know that it will bless your life "exceeding abundantly". See Ephesians 3:20. I love that.  I know it can't be proper English but what a term. It has become a favorite for me. I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much and if we are full of faith and obedient that He has the power to bless us above all that we ask or can even think.  We are so blessed and can't imagine  all the things that He has in store for us because of his great love.  Remember that when you have rough days.  I know this is true.  Every price we pay will be worth it for us.  

Love you exceeding abundantly,

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 11

Commentary from Mom: 

 So we told Joseph to focus on his grandma's 77th birthday instead of a letter for us.  He sent a poem in video and written form that is explained by the scripture texts with it.

From Joseph:
So this is the same poem that I read in the video, I have added scripture references for some additional study and explanation. I  love you Grandma, Have a good time at your new home and Don't let Dad beat you at cards too much!
Happy(too many to count) Birthday!

For Grandma:

You are near the end of your Endurance  (2 Ne 31:20)
Soon you will rest with the Righteous in peace (Alma 40:12)
I will never forget about your Repentance (3 Ne 9:22)
As it lead in no small part to my Release. (Alma 36:24)

I was raised and loved by goodly parents (1 Ne 1:1)
Who followed the example set by you (1 Thes 1:5-7)
And though my father never dwelt in tents (1 Ne 2:15)
He had the Covenant, everlasting and New. (D&C 22:1)

Although my sister has passed away
And your beloved husband has joined her
I know I can see them again someday (D&C 130:2)
Because of your gift more precious then myrrh. (Ps 45:8)

You brought to our family the gospel
Precious words that will help save my soul.  (James 1:21)
Satan have you always sought to Dispel (Moses 1:16)
Jesus is the one with which you will bowl. (as in Bowling)

I will always love the Butters name.
Grandma, I have but one more request.
Remember where you showed us Kids to aim
and know that I think you are the best.

      -Elder Joseph Butters

Grandma Butters Birthday Video

Notice the tie in the video.  Its the colors of their flag and the shield of the flag.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Weekly quote from Mom and Joseph's letter to Mom:

Weekly Quote:
In 1839 Joseph and Sidney Rigdon, along with others, were invited to speak to a large group in Philadelphia.  Sidney was the first to address the congregation, and in fear of offending the pee present, he spoke academically of the Church and the restoration of the gospel, defending it with passages from the Bible but avoiding references to the miraculous event of the Restoration.  Such timidity annoyed the Prophet.
When he (Sidney Rigdon) was through, brother Joseph arose like a lion about to roar;and being full of the Holy Ghost, spoke in great power, bearing testimony of the visions he had seen, the ministering of angels which he had enjoyed; and how he had found the plates of the Book of Mormon, and translated them by the gift and the power of God.  He commenced by saying: "If nobody else had the courage to testify of so glorious a record, he felt to do it in justice to the people and leave the event with God."  Many soles were gathered into the fold that night.

Be bold, not timid with the great events that you have the privilege to testify of in the name of Jesus Christ.

Joseph's Letter:

Thanks for reminding me to be bold! I will not forget it

We had our Baptism this week and the next week we should have another, the work is really great right now!

Hmmm, I don't have a lot to share but feel free to put the email I sent to Dad in the blog.

Commentary from Mom about Joseph's letter to Dad:

On my first date with Russ he told me that Joseph Smith was his hero and that he hoped to someday have a son and name him after Joseph Smith and that he would never be called Joe or Joey but always Joseph. Around thirteen years later after being married and finding myself pregnant with a boy I asked if this was Joseph.  Russ replied that he had to see him first.  After our son was born and I was holding him in my arms with Russ looking on he said, "this is Joseph".

We have often reminded Joseph of his noble name and the heritage that comes with it.  He has always liked his name and has been respectful of how he came to be called Joseph.  When he was set apart as a missionary his blessing started out with his noble name and it was powerful for all of us.

This is the letter Russ got this last week from Joseph, about his name!

Thank you, your messages are always so helpful to me!

I just want to share something that struck me while we were listening to a devotional in the MTC (I just reread it in my journal so I haven been thinking about it). David A. Bednar was giving a talk about how Individual the Gospel is (I think it was titled "one by one") and to emphasize the point he mentioned that the First Word spoken by God in this Dispensation was "Joseph" because he cares for each of us individually. This obviously had the additional meaning for me that my name is the First Word of this dispensation.

After that I went and read everything I could in the scriptures about anyone that bears my name, I couldn't find one example of unrighteous behavior from any of the Josephs in the scriptures ( Joseph of Egypt, son of Lehi, step father of Jesus, Joseph of Armathiea)They were all placed in very perilous situations and often subject to great temptations. Joseph and Potiphar's wife, Lamen and Lemual, the law that Mary should have been stoned, and even Joseph of Armathiea, who was a member of the Sanhedrin that demanded the death of Jesus, was the only member we know of (at least that I know of) that spoke out against the unjust sentence and then did what he could to help the followers of Jesus afterwards. Of course we cannot forget the man that "has done more save Jesus only" for mankind.

This stood out to me as my name is one that has always been bore by men that stood with the lord at all times in all places and was a real eye opener for me that I need to become like these men and honor the name That I have. I will not forget that my setting apart blessing told me to remember these people and become like them.  

This is the wonderful letter from Russ that Joseph is responding to:

    Joseph Smith received a visit from an heavenly messenger on the 21st of September 1823. That’s 193 years ago this month. 
That visitor was Moroni; the last prophet to hold the gold plates in his mortal hands. His assigned task from heaven was to teach 
Joseph and prepare him to take those gold plates, keep them secure and translate according to the commands of heaven.

     What did Moroni teach Joseph? Moroni taught by quoting several scriptures. One concept that I suppose is little understood by 
most people is what I want to write about today.

Moroni quoted Joel 2:28-32
     28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters 
shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
     29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.
     30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.
     31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come.
    32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in 
Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.

     Just imagine the spiritual power promised in these first two verses. If the membership of the Church have such rich spiritual 
outpourings available to all, the old and young even the servants and/or handmaids (symbolizing the ‘lowest classes’ of society). 
This blessing is available to all. OR all that want to take time to learn the Lords way.

    What was the reason for this promised outpouring of the spirit? To prepare man for the “great and the terrible day of the Lord”.
It is a common belief that ‘Great’ and ‘terrible’ describe the perspective of each person witnessing the 2nd coming. 
Great’ for the righteous but ‘terrible’ for the wicked. Others teach that it is ‘great and terrible’ for everyone. That ‘great’ 
refers to the extreme, large or overwhelmingly “terrible day” that will be filled with fear at the 2nd coming.

     This later description is possibly supported by the verses preceding it. wonders in the heavens and in the earth”.
These seem interesting. But what wonders? The rest of the descriptions seem like they would be very likely to induce fear. 
blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke, the sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood. These seem like fear 
inducing wonders to me.
      But then the promise follows that “whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered” (vs32). But this next 
statement is what I want to focus on. “for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance”. That is the promise, from the 
Lord, to us in the later-days. It is a promise given through Joel approximately 800-850 B.C. or over 2800 years ago.
     What does “in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance” mean? Well there is a wonderful example of this very event 
that has already occurred in past history. I’ll get back to this event in just a moment.

     First we have to read Moses chapter 5. Verse 18 teaches us that Cain loved Satan more then God. Further, Cain was jealous 
that his brother Able was respected by the Lord while Cain was not (see vs 20). Cain receives advice from Satan and not from 
God and because of this God tells him that he be known as “Perdition” from that time forward (see vs 21-24). 
Cain plots destruction of his brother and forms a conspiracy with Satan AND his some of Cains own ‘brethren (see vs 28-29) . That conspiracy was for the purpose of getting gain and because it was done in secret and for personal gain Cain became 
known as “Master Mahan” (see vs 30-32).
The term ‘master mahan’ has no known definite translation but is by most LDS scholars taken to mean ‘master mind’, ‘master 
destroyer’ and ‘great one’.  That last title (great one) as though he could displace God who truly is the “Great One”, or as though he might be equal to God. 
     The conspiracy formed led to the death of the righteous Able. And Cain then declared “I am free”. He felt as though he had 
received great increase as his brothers flocks were now his (see vs 32-33). 
     It is interesting to note that the wickedness that Cain portrayed and that people of similar beliefs since that time even down to 
this day have is the false concept “I am free”. Later when Cain realizes that God knows what he did and receives what his 
punishment will be he declares “my punishment is greater than I can bear.” This is the same punishment that everyone from his 
day until that great and terrible last day, who practices evil, will receive. All of them will go from “I am free” to “my punishment 
is greater than I can bear.” That may be why it is the “great and terrible day of the Lord”.

     Cain has descendants who go on and practice this same conspiracy and 7 generations later Lamech (see v 43) is born. 
Lamech becomes “Master Mahan” in his day (see vs 49) and seeks gain through this same conspiracy and then kills, not just for 
gain “but slew him for the oath’s sake.” He killed to protect the Oath made between Satan and Lamech’s brotheren that practiced 
the oath with him (see vs 49-51).  

     While this great wickedness was happening a second genealogy line was happening. Moses chapter 6 records this line. 
Adam has a son known as Seth. Seth has a son and so on until 7 generations after Adam Enoch is born. 
This line was our righteous forefathers. Enoch’s father, Jared, taught him in “all the ways of God” (see vs 21). 
Enoch become a preacher of righteousness, all his forefathers were preachers of righteousness (see vs 23). 
     So the scene is now set. There are greatly wicked men and very righteous men on the earth. Wars ensue. People have to 
decide which side they want to join. Enoch builds his own city and many righteous people join him there. In Moses 7:13 the 
wicked “come to battle against them”. But this war is different then most. Enoch “spake the word of the Lord, and the earth 
trembled, and the mountains fled, even according to his command; and the rivers of water were turned out of their course; 
and the roar of the lions was heard out of the wilderness”... and all nations feared greatly, so powerful was the word of Enoch”...
The righteous were protected by God. We cannot tell for sure if the righteous had an army or not. But we do know for sure that 
God was on their side. “so great was the fear of the enemies of the people of God, that they fled and stood afar off .” ( see Moses 7:13) 
    Picture that moment in your mind, the righteous city of Enoch and these evil peoples that hated them just standing far off  looking at the 
city and not being able to wreak the destruction they want upon that city. The conspiracy is checked at that moment. It cannot touch 
those protected by God.
     The name of the city is Zion. AND this brings us back to Moroni teaching Joseph. Moroni quotes many scriptures and 
one is Joel 2:32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount 
Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.” I take great 
courage in the fact that my son is a “preacher of righteousness”; that he stands for the truths of God taught by his father as Enoch was.
AND that he stands for the truths taught by the prophets. That he stands in “mount Zion” where there “shall be deliverance”. 
     Finally, I would like to point out that “the remnant whom the Lord shall call” are those who hear His voice, feel the promptings 
of the spirit, dream His given dreams and follow His chosen leaders. The “remnant” are those not deceived by Satan and his 
followers. The “remnant” are the humble preachers of truth that bear whatever the Lords requires of them with love and trust. 
And in the last day the “remnant” are those protected by the Lord. And the day that follows that last day??? That is the day that 
the “remnant” find themselves on the right hand of God with his sheep - while the goats (the wicked) find themselves on 
His left hand and are looking for a place to hide and are declaring “my punishment is more then I can bear”. The wicked are as 
Alma taught, wishing “that I could be banished and become extinct both soul and body, that I might not be brought to stand in
 the presence of my God, to be judged of my deeds.” (see Alma 36:15). 

     Joseph, you are on the front line of this war between righteousness and wickedness. We use our mortal agency to chose.
We either listen to the good spirit or the evil spirit. We receive our final award according to the spirit we “listeth to obey”. 
I am glad that you have placed yourself on the Lords side. I believe that trials will come in your life because “God will have 
a tried people”. Those with trials either humble themselves and their hearts OR they harden themselves and their hearts. I believe
that trials will soften your heart if you let them and humble you to your knees so that the Lord can comfort you, if you so desire. 

     Joseph Smith was taught by heavenly messengers or messages from heaven. We are like Joseph in that we can have the 
Lord “pour out [His] spirit upon [us] all... and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy..., your old men shall dream dreams, 
your young men shall see visions” and upon all the righteous “will I pour out my spirit.” We are like Joseph in that we too can 
receive messages from heaven. It has happened in olden times and has been promised to us in the latter-days. It has been promised for centuries.

Love you,

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