Wednesday, June 28, 2017


so no transfer, I am still with Elder Brown here in Kyambeke. Which made me happy, theres a few investagators that I am not done working with yet.

One of them (his name is Kioko) FINALLY CAME!!! it was a miracle, although he didnt come this week, but PROGRESS!

otherwise the rest are still reluctent to come haha 

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I really liked how you just answered my questions right in my email.  It was great.  I hope you can continue to do that in the future because I always have so many questions....
like did your investigators ever make it to church.  Were you able to find and teach the other other primary kids or maybe you don't know these things because you got transferred....
We just had our Priest/Laurel dinner dance.  I think it was great but let me tell you that Sister Lee sure had a couple of months of stress way beyond what she should have.  It was really hard to get the other wards leaders on board.  They just couldn't catch the vision on why to have this and its benefits.  They didn't want there kids to go to anything with a stranger.....She had a hard time even with missionary prep classes with some of them.  It has made me soooooo greatful for the stake youth program that you grew up with and the incredible leaders that you have had who were so willing to give you the best programs ever! I didn't know that there was such a difference in our surrounding stakes.  I think you got some of the best available.   You might want to take a second and thank Heavenly Father for this blessing.

I forgot to look up the "race"  I know I have heard it before.  Those things are right up my alley.  Glad  you got to celebrate it.

WEEKLY QUOTE:Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.   John 15:15

Love you exceeding abundantly,

Joseph's remarks:  & pics
 Elder Brown be followed by Kenyan kids
Joseph's MTC group 
Thanks mom, I did read about the new theme and i do like it very much!

Also thanks for the emails Addresses, I have been missing a few people haha

anyway this week was good, we found 4 new investigators to teach, and at least 1 of them seems very promising. 

tomorrow we go to Nairobi for zone conference so that should be fun, (I also hope that i can find a new bag...)

-Love Elder Butters

Sorry for the short Email, we are low on time today

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dear Joseph,

Scollards say HI. 
Eric's email

The youth theme for this year is James 1:5.  Their face to face was on the theme with Pres. Eyring and Elder Holland back at the visitors center in Palmyra.  The youth Palmyra were in charge with live feeds in London and Johannesburg.  The  questions were great but I was saddened as Pres. Eyring sat slouched in his chair and his answers were rambling and Elder Holland lovingly was keeping him on track or would take over the question.  Then after an hour and half of these questions they were concluding and went back asking Pres. Eyring for any further remarks in conclusion.  He sat up straight and bore his apostolic witness and blessed the youth.  There was no stuttering or pausing at all.  I sure hope the youth noticed the difference between the feeble old man answering questions and an apostle of the Lord bearing his apostolic witness.  

His remarks are in another email because my email didn't like it.  Anyway, it is your wonderful quote for the week.

A Baptism a week....that takes a lot of faith in your mission president, obedience and hard work!  We're behind you and will pray for your success.

Love you exceeding abundantly,