Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Mom's commentary: March 6
We ran into MST. Sargent Patton (I think that's his name?) from ROTC at the store.  When we told him you were in Kenya for 2 years he just shook his head and looked at us like we were crazy...then as we told him about you being in the Hills, often without power,  boy your dad and I were just busting at the seams with pride and all he did was keep shaking his head. It was great.  Thank you so much for these special moments that make us so proud of you.  

Mackenzie was in a Spanish Spelling Bee at her school.  She got 4th out of 37 contestants.  I thought she did really well.  Its fun to see her involved in these things.

Wondering if you got transferred yet. 
 Did your investigators ever come to church.
Did your power ever come on.....

WEEKLY QUOTE:  "As you keep the commandments and pray in faith to see the Lord's hand in your life, I PROMISE YOU that He will open your spiritual eyes even wider, and you will see more clearly that you are not alone."  Neil L. Andersen

This is a promise from an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I always like to take notice when an apostle actually promises us something. Its not to be taken lightly.  I know they are sure.

Keep working hard.
Love your exceeding Abundantly,

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