Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Well I am glad summer came!

"What's the bike news."
We are waiting for a replacing bike should be here soon...

" Are you staying in the area."

"  Did you have a great Zone Conference."
yes? I thought i talked about this already haha

"Are you teaching any really interesting people. "
Of course, I dont know how to describe them... I will think about it and send it next week! (remind me)
 "Did you have any more Baptisms"
not yet but we had to delay one because of water issues at the church, hopefully he will be baptized this week

Joseph:I have a short story for you: Last Saturday we listened to a talk from john bytheway, in it he mentioned it would be a good idea to give a thank-you note to the speakers at sacrament. the next day, sunday, I felt prompted to give a thank-you note to a particulor speaker (just one of them, there was 3). it was short something like "Sister Dorris, thank your for your wonderful talk about how we should care for our fellow members, i think you gave some great points."
Well this week she came up to me and said thank you because she was being frustrated by some stuff in the branch and was thinking about not coming but my note encourage her to come this week.

anyway I thought you would like tat story haha. Great things come to pass by small and simple things

On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 3:09 AM, laura butters <laurabutters2@q.com> wrote:
Dear Elder Butters (aka "SON"),

Its finally hot here and we're trying to put in a small garden.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, onions and a few melons.  Wish me luck with keeping up on the weeds.  

Did I tell you that your Dad and I test drove a car that actually parallel parked its self.  that was pretty out there.

Kendra Crossley is valedictorian at Rogers.  She got 90 credits at EWU also.  I'm not sure what she is doing next year.  I'll let you know.
Josh Lee is getting all of his things done for his mission papers.  It doesn't look like Zeke  is ever doing to go. Not sure about Fabio.  I'm kind of out of the loop.  
We have so many people moving in our ward.  When I was sick I missed a few weeks and now I don't know who anyone is. You Dad was gone enough with work and doing stake YM things that he doesn't know anyone either.  Its  weird how our ward rotates like this.  It often takes on new flavor shifts too. We will see.

What's the bike news.  Are you staying in the area.  Did you have a great Zone Conference.
Are you teaching any really interesting people.  Did you have any more Baptisms

I have a GI test this week and a couple more radiation treatments.  Hopefully these will be quick, easy and moving forward with my healing.  I will let you know.  I have felt better than all winter so say extra prayers this is an up and up towards some normalcy.

Its  fun watching you mature as a missionary and a young man.  Missions are amazing things for these experiences will be ones that will shape the rest of your life in ways you will not realize until they happen or are even past...and then maybe even happen again as so many things in our lives have double meaning and purposes as we go through experiences of life.

Weekly Quote:
"Hold to the rod, the Iron Rod, 'Tis  strong, and bright and true. The Iron rod is the word of God; Twill safely guide us through. " Hymn #274

This is my new sing every day for strength, hymn.  Sing all the verses and chorus with me today.  Know that my Favorite verse is #4 and the ending of the chorus :" The Iron rod is the word of God ; Twill safely guide us through. 

Love you exceeding abundantly.