Tuesday, June 27, 2017


MOM'S Commentary,
Last week Joseph didn't get an email from anyone.  It through him for a loop but I think its a good experience for him and now he knows how we feel the several times when the power was down or whatever.

On 6/16/17, laura butters <laurabutters2@q.com> wrote:
> I decided to get an early start in case something comes up or calls on
Sunday like it usually does. Don't want you to miss any more emails or
> worry.
> When you didn't receive emails it took me back to many years ago as Rachel's
> mom. You probably faintly remember these days but they are ones I will
> never, ever forget. She would take off and we wouldn't know where she was or
> when she would come back home. I spend so many hours in tears on my knees.
> If I really was humble I would feel the spirit. Sometimes it would calm me
> way down and Rachel would walk in the door.
> Sometimes I would feel an assurance that she was being watched over, Other
> times I would feel panicked inside and I would call everyone I knew and go
> anywhere where I felt she might be. Sometimes with luck and sometimes
> without we would find her. Not in good situations.
> Tuning into the spirit is harder for guys than especially moms but you can
> still do when you haven't heard from us. When you are on your knees the
> spirit will whisper to you if things are okay so don't panic or get over
> worried. Now I remember something from your mission setting part blessing
> that said I would be blessed and okay while you are on your mission. Do you
> remember that. I trust in it with all my heart. Part of me hopes you're on
> your mission for a very long time, (3 maybe 4 years.) haha. My days are
> getting better again and nothing brings me more joy than hearing about the
> great work you are doing. Your dad and I talk about you all the time.
> At Stake conference several people had stories to tell me about Kenya. It
> was fun.
> It looks like we might get a new car tomorrow. You dad's car is so broken
> down and sad.. I know you've had your heart on it has your hand me down car
> but it just isn't to make it son. Sorry. Your dad has been haggling with
> this salesman for 4 days now so we'll see if he can get it where I can
> afford it or not,,,, You know we have a missionary in Kenya..HAHA
> WEEKLY QUOTE: (from a stake conference talk)
> W get the answer to prayer when we REALLY HAVE TO HAVE IT!
> Love you exceeding abundantly,

thank you for the thoughts about prayer, that is very important to remember.

Sorry but im going to be brief today (see dads email about internet problems...)

I will let you know that i am doing well right now, we had our
investigators confirmed yesterday, so they are no longer investigators
I guess haha. We should have another baptism this next week, possible
2 depending on some transport issues.

I have gathered almost all of the stuff necessary to make that lasagna
(I need cottage cheese or rociotto) and should be making it next week
so i will let you know how it goes.

I am glad that you are improving, And I hope you have a good rest of June!

Love you!
-Elder Butters