Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The time has come!

Depart 9:45 am for the MTC in South Africa  Tuesday, July 12

Arrive at the MTC Wednesday evening after a 15 hour flight from Georgia.
Yep, I'm Here! just letting you know. Tuesday i can email more so Talk to you then :)

Tuesday, July 19th
The mtc so far has been Great! I have really enjoyed it and your right John williams should totally have a march for it (although "onward christen solider" and "Called to serve" are both fantastic)

Tell Lisa Thanks for helping to set up the blog!

It has been an interesting week, I have been enjoying my time and learning so much. I got a new companion yesterday because the President decided he needed to split up one of the other companionship so that was an interesting experience because I had to change classes and everything. We have been teaching some "investigators" (the instructors Alter Egos lol) but I had to change before the 2nd lessons and now I have new ones haha, Im stuck perpetually teaching 1st lessons because we switch investigators again before I teach any of them a 2nd time. I guess its good IRL experience.

I am very happy to be here and cannot wait until I can go to Kenya and start teaching the word of God.  Maybe it will be a bit warmer there since right now its the middle of winter and bone chilling 60 degrees in South Africa, haha
I do feel that this is where I need to be and I am happy to be here.
Unfortunately I am out of time but I look forward to sending more info next week!

Mission Prep...
Working closer to the sun to get tanned

Dinner with the family..(we adopted the Stokes)

Saying goodbyes to the cousins