Wednesday, June 28, 2017



Do they do anything to recognize Easter in Kenya.

I ate at the fire station today and Karen Dawson came with me Then we went and ate at the Lees too.  Great Easter. No Easter egg hunts. I didn't even color Easter eggs this year.  I am hard boiling some for deviled eggs though.  So it was different but good.

So this years favorite decorating trend is pineapples.  Pineapples are everywhere...pillows, lamps, lights, dishes, bowls, pictures, vases, and all sort of nicknacks.  These all come in various shapes, sizes and colors.  It makes me think of Sean in Psych having some weird dream where in stead of one pineapple to find they are everywhere.  It is kind of fun.

It is still very cold here.  I need to get out in our gardens but its just too cold.  I just keep saying another day.  Things are way slow this year anyway.  Last year we have strawberries and raspberries forming on the plants and we were picking by may.  Everything is just verily starting to bud.  Not even actually leaves.  I'm hoping our fruit tress that are trying to blossom don't freeze.  I guess last year was so great and this year will be not so great..  Not sure that I even care because I wasn't going to do much of a garden this year.  I just want to play this summer.  It would be great if we had some sun though.

That Easter Morn, a grave that burst 
Proclaimed to man that "Last and First"
Had ris'n again and conquered pain.

This morn renews for us that day
When Jesus cast the bonds away, 
Took living breath and conquered death.

Thus we in gratitude recall
And give our love and pledge our all, 
Shed grateful tear and conquer fear.
 by Marion D. Hanks (a seventy of years gone by.  His son was in my singles ward in Salt lake.)

He scribbled this one Easter Sunday on a program and his wife saved it and submitted it to the church.  We now know it as hymn #198

Love you exceeding abundantly,

Joseph:  April 17

Hello Mom!
Sorry i didn't Email last week, i spent most the day on a bus Haha!
I got transferred, My new Area is Misiskhu in northwestish Kenya kinda near lake victory i think (im not sure i have never seen it on a map, they just kinda put me on a bus then i eventually got off...) My new Companion is Elder Kyomya, he was raised in Uganda and then moved to the states a few years ago. He has been on mission for 3 months now. I really like him (sorry i forgot to bring my cable so no pictures...)
the area is good, it is very flat (at least compared to "the Hills") so we have bikes, the area while still "bushy" has many more people in it and more markets and the like, also paved roads... I like the paved roads. The chapel is really nice, it is very beautiful and clean, although it is small it is very modern, and has nice Electric piano's.
Well it was Easter wasn't it, honestly i thought it was net week haha, we didn't really do anything special (well EVERYTHING we do is Special its know what i mean haha) People tell me that Kenyans celebrate Easter but I haven't seen any changes around here (i haven't even seen signs of people gathering with their family's) IDK maybe they just celebrate secretly or something haha.
In regards to general conference, I have audio copies of all the sessions on my flashdrive, and i have listened to all of them. I really liked the Talks from Mark Palmer (and Jesus Beholding him, loved him.") and the Asian guy from the Seattle mission (best quote "Look up! Open your mouths! Drink it!") It was very good and i look forward to getting the Conference liahona so i can study them more in depth.
Love you mom!

-Elder Butters