Sunday, July 16, 2017


Mom's Commentary July 3rd

This email is me with Joseph answering some of my questions with a challenge I didn't quite get.
"I read my assignment of Alma 45.  In it Alma blesses and curses the land and tells of the downfall of the Nephites which always makes me nervous because of the wickness I see in our day and age.  I wondered if I missed something in there about how to retain our liberties other than living righteously.  Let me know." 

Joseph-Sorry perhaps i wasn't clear, I meant read Alma Chapters 45 through the end of the book, Chapter 62  (AKA the War Chapters) You can read all of it or part of it if you want. I am going to re-extend that commitment and we can talk about it next week!

"I hope you've been doing good at training your new companion.  Tell us about him. I'm still waiting for pictures.  I understand that it takes awhile to upload them but this is your Mom and I still what them." 
Joseph-I have been trying hard to do well. Elder Bandi is From Zimbabwe, his family joined the church when he was 5. He said his favorite scripture is Moroni 10:3-5. His favorite food is Sausage (so we are on a search to find some decent sausage here in our area haha) I really love working with him, he Tries hard and does his best to come up with new ideas to help improve the work. Saturday we met with a girl named Sylivia, 16-17, who we had been teaching for the last couple weeks. We had Elder Bandi extend a Baptismal date to her for the 23rd, she said yes. This event Made elder Bandi so happy because she said yes, he told me Imagine how he will feel when she actually gets Baptized! I really like his Enthusiasm and desire to work hard (and be Obedient which makes it easy for me to help him)

Lynette has emailed a couple of times and i am very grateful for her contributions. I am surprised sister Bertholf sends so much, I am very blessed to have such wonderful people in my ward. I will email her soon.

Love you mom!

Sterling in the front center being baptized by his father with his 2 bothers