Tuesday, June 27, 2017



Joseph remraks: Thanks for emailing!

I recieved 0 emails last week and it made me nervous...
anyway This week was zone conference! we only spent Sunday proselyting due to traveling for zone conference and ddm on Tuesday. Nothing real interesting happened at zone Conference, we talked about the Dangers of Malaria and why its important to talk our Doxy (Malaria medicine stuff) and use mosquito nets etc. (dont worry, i use everything i can) we also talked about the importance of obedience and how we can improve our paper work etc. It was really exciting haha.
We have been having water problems at the church for the last several weeks which has delayed a couple of baptisms but that finally got fixed so we had 3 baptism yesterday! I forgot my camera cable so i will send pics next week.
Well thats about all i have to say thank you, I love you!
-Elder Butters
p.s. sorry for the short email haha 

On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 11:06 PM, laura butters <laurabutters2@q.com> wrote:
I got to speak last night at stake conference on complete conversion.  I only had 8 minutes so I was a little stressed on time. I think i did okay.I talked a lot about accepting Heavenly Father's will for us and also how we get close to him through our trials... you know like having cancer.
Acea Sands says hi and so do a lot of other people that I don't know if you remember from when we lived up north.  Know that you have a lot of people praying for you.
Today they couldn't get the tech stuff to work so our building had its own impomptu  stake conference with the Bishops and a few other guest speakers instead of the temple president and Elder Hansen from the seventies..  We obviously need better tech guys.   

A reminder that next sunday is Father's Day and the 20th is your dad's birthday,
We finally pruned the raspberries.  It reminded me when you were laying down to prune them and the chickens were climbing all over you to see what you were doing.  It made it laugh pretty hard.  They are sure silly sometimes.  

I hope you got new clothes and especially that the work is going well.  

WEEKLY QUOTE:  BD says conversion means changing one’s view in acceptance of the WILL OF GOD. Complete conversion means not only changing one’s view but also behavior to match the WILL of God. This means finding out he is in charge.and we need to let him be in charge so he can bless our lives and make them into what he needs us to be. Often through testing and trials.
How hard is it for us to let him be in charge and trust his will for us.and that he loves us especially when things seem otherwise and we can’t make sense of them.  (from my talk)

Love you exceeding abundantly,