Sunday, December 11, 2016


Mom's Commentary:

I tried to email music to Joseph and wanted to know if he got it.  It was "Voice Male" and I am going to send him some more for his birthday.  Packages are too tricky to get to him.  Joseph  really likes  John Williams which does all the movie theme music.  It is usually classified modern classical but I don't think the "Throne Room" from Star Wars is really inspirational.  Anyway I love the hymns so I will send him my favorites...
Also, it was my birthday on Dec. 4th. No emails came on Dec. 5th am when we usually get them... For a mom it is torture waiting, forever waiting for those emails.

Joseph's email:

 I didn't get Vocal Point music, if you sent some from Vocal point, but I did get the "Hims" Voice Male A Capella music.

Btw, Pres. Msane just changed the Music Rules from "Hymns or Classical". Other music has to be spiritually uplifting and turn your thoughts to the Savior"  to "Hymns" Other music has to be approved by  him so John Williams is no longer within the rules. (Although I did ask him just in case. So we will see what he says.)

Happy Birthday Mom!

Your turning what now, "Super Duper old"? or is it just "Kinda Super Old" haha 

I am sooo sorry I wasn't able to email you yesterday, but I am writing this first today! (I haven't read any of your emails yet) 

So I didn't get you anything for your birthday, although I did baptize that Kid we were working with on your birthday, so consider that your Present. I miss you alot but I'm excited to be out here serving the Lord in Africa!

We had Transfers this week! Guess What! 

I'm still with Elder Otika in Kyambeke, but our District and Zone leader changed. This transfer we are either going to Explode and do Amazing work for the Lord...or we may kill each other, Either way I will be happy in the Spirit world right? haha

Anyway, I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas Time, and remember "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Just like the One's I use to Know"

I love you Mother!!!
p.s. Listen to "Christmas Down in Africa" for me a couple times, ok?
p.p.s. Don't forget to go watch  the new Star Wars when it comes Out!

Another email from Joseph:

Ok I read your email so this is my response to that.

Its good to hear that you had a fun early Birthday!

Btw, I miss snow. All i do here is Sweet... its getting old haha

Can you tell the Bickley's I"m thinking and praying for them. I Wish I could spend more time learning from such wise people. Also, tell them I Love them.

I will certainly do my best to appreciate the many people that pray for me, Although it sounds like quite a challenge to fully comprehend and appreciate, Thank you so much for the inspiring words!

These were my inspiring words:

We pray for you all the time.  We pray for your mission president also.  When we go to the temple they always pray for the missionaries around the world.  At the first presidencies' Christmas devotional prayer they prayed for the "angels" that are our missionaries all over the world.  I'm often humbled to know that there are people all over the world who are praying for my son in Kenya.  I trust in those prayers.  May you not take them for granted.  May you thank Heavenly Father for the many, many people who love you, Joseph, and prayer for you Elder Butters.  Remember to always pray for the people you teach.  Call them by name and petition our Father in Heaven in the name of his son with faith in their behalf. Your prayers will be heard. 


Mom's Commentary:

When I wrote Joseph I mentioned that his Dad literally spends ours researching and writing this scriptual based commentaries and I hoped that Joseph appreciated it. after Joseph's opening comment there will be no stopping Russ now.  I'll be lucky if Joseph has any time to reply to me.  His dad also told him about our crazy election and the bazar attitudes of people when Trump won.

Joseph wrote:

Yes I LOVE! Dad's Emails, (although it is a leading cause for my short replys since I spend so much time reading them haha). Please encourage him to continue working hard on them. (after my mission I would kinda like to make a book out of them)

District conference was great.  They really emphasized the Temple and Home teaching. Unfortunately President Msane was too busy to go proselyting with any one. One day though I'm sure I will be able to. He is an Amazing Man though. He works endlessly and is an excellent example of Christlike Love to everyone he meets. Its rare for him to get home before midnight and he wakes up between 4-6 in the morning every day. He is really going to make the KNM grow and become powerful (as long as we missionaries listen to his counsel. Which I try hard to do.)

I hope I don't become a Canadian while I'm here haha!

Love you guys!

-Elder Butters