Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I have questions???

"When you have Zone Conferences for several days, where do you stay?  Where do you eat?"
at the flat of other elders in the City.

"How big is your area.  Are you in a ward or still a branch"
J: I am not really sure, we dont have a good map. but i can say it is pretty large, probably 25ish Km across. and it is a branch.

J:Tell Grandma I Love her to and If she is still up for playing cards when i get home I certainly will stop bye.

J: This week we didn't do a whole lot since we had zone conference, but we did have a very productive sunday. We found 4 new investigators, a young man named frank that started coming to church a couple weeks ago, and a family Jane and her son peter as well as her nephew Chris. 

J: we have a young women named Sandra that is ready for baptism so she should be baptized this week if all goes well. otherwise everything is going well, we have several potential investigators we are working on teaching so I think this will be a good week.

Love You! 
-Your son Joseph

On Sun, May 7, 2017 at 2:14 AM, laura butters <> wrote:
I have a new email so if you have my old one written down for records you should change it.  The new one is close to the same:

I know that you just asked your dad for Family History stories but I am processing a few too about your great-grandfather Joseph Thurber and his mission in 1903 & 4. It will have to wait until next week. We are leaving tomorrow and picking up my sister in Vancouver and then going over to hang out on the ocean for a couple of days.  I definitely can use some time away and some fresh air.  I had better go pack.

Your dad works mother's day so depending on when you call you might have to call him first.  I kind of hogged our time last time.

When you have Zone Conferences for several days, where do you stay?  Where do you eat?
How big is your area.  Are you in a ward or still a branch
Your grandma Butters says to tell you  that she loves you and is so proud of you.  Her eyesight is really fading but she still keeps really active and is in good spirits most of the time.  We still try to play cards with her once a week.  Sherry Beerbohm is our 4th. She will only play pinochle and your grandma needs help sorting out her cards.  We'll keep helping as long as she wants us to and its not too frustrating.  Then we will have to come up with something else...

I noticed at the end of your bike pedal experience there was no"haha" or goofy faces.  I admit that I had a good laugh.  You must be doing great work and teaching important people to have Satan messing with you like that.  I don't know how he does it, but when we are doing important things he sure has a way of really frustrating us and trying to keep us from succeeding.   I still don't understand how he can mess with bike pedals, of all things, but I know he does.

WEEKLY QUOTE:  "Mr Devil, shut up" and go away... (I added the last part)

Love you exceeding abundantly.