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Mom's commentary July 9

Today's also includes a letter from Joseph as he reached his half way mark in his mission and a letter from Joseph's mission president as he is called as a trainer.  Plus some pics finally.

Elder Bandi and me at Misikhu Chapel July 2017

Bro Mackline embraced the gospel from when first met us July 2017
  Baptismal service July 2017
L to R- Me, Elder Kyomyya, Ezra Anton,Levi, Bro Zedeck 
(short for Melchizedeck, our mission leader)

Bro. Peter baptized July 2017

Sterling in centerfront of Father who baptized him  with his 2 brothers

On Sun, Jul 9, 2017 at 11:45 PM, laura butters <> wrote:
Dear Joseph,
 I actually had a busy week  this week.  I've been trying to keep our garden weeded. the raspberries are on so I have to pick them every other day.  I've been making freezer jam with them in cute little glass jars that we will give away at Christmas  time when we do our usual rounds.
We had the Scollards over  for B-B-Que and games on the fourth.  We got bark for under our fruit trees.  I babysit Jet and Levi Lee and Friday and Saturday we went up to the river by Sandpoint for a youth conference.  Your dad went as first aid and I just tagged along.  It was great to be in the woods and around the water and the youth.  It was great therapy for me.  

I read my assignment of Alma 45.  In it Alma blesses and curses the land and tells of the downfall of the Nephites which always makes me nervous because of the wickedness I see in our day and age.  I wondered if I missed something in there about how to retain our liberties other than living righteously.  Let me know.

Favor.  Linda Bertholf was asking about you.  She pays  towards your mission every month and if you haven't emailed her I really think you should. Her email  Your aunt Lynette sends $50 and her email is ltchandler@bresnan,net.  They would both be delighted to hear from you I'm sure and I'm so grateful.  For them.  It makes it easier for your dad and I.  

I hope you've been doing good at training your new companion.  Tell us about him. I'm still waiting for pictures.  I understand that it takes awhile to upload them but this is your Mom and I still what them.  

Love you exceeding abundantly,

So this week marks 1 year from when i left on my mission. So I thought I would take a few moments to ponder about my experience here in Kenya.

Everything is better with Top ten lists right? So I present Top ten things I miss about America, and top ten things I Love about Kenya (or that i will miss when i go home)
First 10 things I miss form America, (excluding things I couldn't do on my mission anyway such as movies)
1. Doorknobs: Yes In one year I have only touched a door knob a handful of times as most doors here use Latches, our door has a hole in it that you reach through to latch the door shut then put a padlock on it to lock the door. I am also always nervous that someone will Latch the bathroom shut from the outside trapping me in a tiny smelly room...
2.White People: While I love all Of these Kenyans it gets a little old having drunks and random people constantly trying to talk to me (and ask me for money) just because of my Skin color. That said the Majority of People are very good to me and I have never had any real problems because of my Race. But don't be surprised when i Call all of you Masungu's when i get home (Swahili for white people)
3. Root Beer: I love soda, and I LOVE Root Beer (A&W for the Win) I Will be buying a bottle in the airport on the way home.
4. Snow: I miss snow, I like not feeling warm every now and then. I love snowmen and snowballs and how pure the world looks right after a fresh snow. Unfortunately I will be going without snow for like 34 months or so (pray for an early snow in 2018) the song " I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" took on a whole new meaning this year.

5.Food Variety: while I Love Kenyan food, I also Love trying new things and there really is not much variety here. Almost everyone eats the same handful of dishes (I will talk about it more in the Kenya list)

6.Personal Space: ok so this only applies to Matatu's (the public transport vans) which normally have 14 seats...and 22 passengers (or more if you cram a few small ladies or children in there)

7.Moms food: Lets face it, while i think I am a good cook by Missionary Standards, Mom cooks REALLY nice food, I look forward to when I get home and can have some of her Spaghetti, or perhaps Clam-chowder. (Its also nice to not HAVE to cook, I have gained alot of respect for how much work cooking is, Thank you mom For your Love)

8.Washing Machines: After regularly taking 1-2 hours to Wash clothes by hand on p-day...I will never be to lazy to take my clothes out of the machine and place then in my drawers.

9. Temple: While it is Amazing that Kenya is Getting a temple, it is not here yet. and I now understand how much of a blessing the Spokane Temple is. To have a temple so close that you can comfortable drive there in the morning and get home in time for lunch is truly a wonderful blessing.

10.YOU!: Of course the things I miss most are not things, but my family and friends, You Guys. all of you have made a significant impact in my life in some way or another and I Do my best to serve well so that i can be worthy of your trust and support.

Now 10 things I love about Kenya!

1. Chopati: I love Chopati's, which are basically African Tortilla's but they taste better. dip it in some nice meat stew and its truly a delightful meal.

2. Prices: When you think the dollar menu at McDonalds is expensive you know that you have been having some Cheap meals, I am going to be a terrible penny pincer when I get home. "What!? 50 Cents? Are you CRAZY!"

3.Street Vendors: Here you can find Literally Anything while just sitting in your car. If it is exists, someone is walking around selling it on the street, from all sorts of food and soda, to camera equipment, watches, jewelry, clothing (I really like the Tie Guys, we can get great looking ties for 1$ or less) I have seen radios and movies and my favorite, a Man selling African Bows and Arrows.

4.Mango's: while we can get mango imports from home, they are not the same as fresh from the tree mango grown right here in Kenya.

5. Matatu's: So I kinda have a love/hate relationship with matatu's. I hate riding in the cramped conditions but i do like the convenience as there is ALWAYS a matatu. They also have Hilarious decorations, basically random decals plastered all over the side, most feature Jesus in some way or the other, many have famous singers or movie quotes. they make me laugh (My Favorite was a picture of Jesus Holding a light-saber) 

6. Banana: I mean Green banana, my Last companion taught me how to cook green banana (think potato but sweeter) and i really love it. If i ever visit a place that has banana trees i will have to make some. (maybe Hawaii, I like Hawaii)

7.Novida: So i said i like Soda, Well My New Favorite (at least untill i can get Root beer again) is Novida, a Pineapple flavored malt soda, its delicious.

8. Swahili: while i am not very good at Speaking it, Swahili is truly a beautiful language and i hope i can continue to get better at speaking it.

9.Climate: in spite of my complaining about snow, the Climate is truly wonderful here, it is consistent, not so hot (and certainly not cold) usually sunny, rain never last very long, all in all it is very pleasant

10. The People: Of course My favorite part is all the wonderful people that i get to interact with, From Branch presidents to youth, members and non members, I love these people and will miss them when i go home. I am so blessed to be able to share the gospel with these wonderful people.

Thank you everyone for your role in my life I love you all!

-Elder Butters

Letter from Pres. Msane 


Opposite African Wildlife Foundation, Ngong Road
P.O. Box 46162 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
+254 737 400 893

11 July 2017

To the Family of Elder Butters,

We are happy to inform you that Elder Butters, through prayer and inspiration has been called to serve as a TRAINER in the Kenya Nairobi Mission.  He is serving in the Misikhu Branch in the Kitale District of Kenya.  He is training a brand-new missionary, Elder Bandi.  This call represents an excellence of personal preparation and dedicated service before and during his mission.  We are grateful for his righteous example, integrity and leadership skills.

This is a calling of Priesthood leadership and responsibility.   As trainer, he will be called upon to teach and set an example of missionary work for his new companion. Training a new missionary is an honor and is absolutely essential to successful missionary work.  We know that he is very capable of this great responsibility and will have a wonderful lasting influence upon his new companion.   

Thank you to all who helped raise this wonderful young man.  We trust him and rely upon his strengths and abilities in moving forward the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Kenya Nairobi Mission.  The missionaries respect him and look to him as an example of dedicated service to the Lord.  We want you to know that he is living up to his fullest potential and is serving with his heart, might, mind and strength.

We love Elder Butters and know that you do also, and are very proud of him.  We value the service he is giving to our Heavenly Father and we value the example he sets for everyone around him.  

Ephraim Msane
Kenya Nairobi Mission President

New trainers with new missionaries July 2017